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The Dork Forest is a show where I, Jackie Kashian, interview everyone and anyone about what they really really like. ie thier dorkdom. Started in 2006, the youtube page has clips (and full episodes). and will lead you to all the information you may ever need re this show and Jackie's standup.

Mar 20, 2012

Al Madrigal is a correspondent on The Daily Show. We recorded in his office, in NY, at The Daily Show. I was very cool about it. He’s a great comic and he’s BEEN that guy in Up In The Air! I am more than matched in my sales knowledge. And he watches a LOT of cartoons with his kids. Heh. Enjoy.

Hickey Freeman
Storytelling Show we both did: Risk
Big Julie – Guys and Dolls
Wonderful Town
Orange Bone
Al on The Daily Show
Free Agents
Life is too Short
Tom Papa
Bossy Pants
Assassination Vacation
Fear Agents
Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.
In Living Color
Bumbershoot Comedy
The Goon Movie
Batman: Brave and the Bold
Booster Gold
Blue Beetle
Teen Titans
Spectacular Spiderman
The Batman
Phineas and Ferb – LOUD website
Fishhooks – LOUD website
AdventureTime – LOUD website
The Regular Show
Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends
Lil Hammer – I actually couldn’t find a reference to that.
Hard Core Pawn
Pimp My Ride
War of Art – Steven Pressfield
Franklin Ajaye -  Comic Insights
MiniVan Men Podcast specifically!

No bonus content this ep… too much road and then my computer fried! Watch Al tell the story at a show we did together as a bonus J (look for mine, there’s your real bonus… I’m not pushing it at all.)

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